• TOEIC Camp at English's Friends Cirebon
    TOEIC Camp at English's Friends Cirebon
    A discussion class in the intensive TOEIC preparation course at English's Friends Cirebon. There are many activities students had during the one-week program. Check out for more pictures by clicking this picture.
  • Inhouse Training
    Inhouse Training
    EFri conducted a TOEIC preparation class for Chinese workers in Indonesia. Their company uses TOEIC for assessment.
  • The Spelling Parrot Competition 2015
    The Spelling Parrot Competition 2015
    EFri held the first Spelling Parrot Competition on 7th of June 2015 in Jakarta. The competition is for elementary school students.
  • EFri at Pilot Schools
    EFri at Pilot Schools
    In the second semester of 2015, EFri conducted English for Aviation and TOEIC preparation classes in two pilot schools in Jakarta.
  • Let's Make Friends with English!
    Let's Make Friends with English!
    EFri always does its best to help students to achieve their personal and professional goals. Thank you for choosing English’s Friends.
  • With Mr. Fabian
    With Mr. Fabian
    Each level of English for Kids, students will meet foreigner to show off their English after finishing each English for Kids levels.


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English’s Friends juga melayani pendaftaran tes untuk mengukur kemampuan bahasa Inggris, diantaranya TOEIC, TOEFL, dan ICAO. English’s Friends juga menyediakan tes TOEIC dan TOEFL ITP Prediction yang diselenggarakan di English’s Friends.

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